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  0577-28908111          master@chinahuachi.cn

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Wenzhou Guangtai Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd was established in 2000, we are a leading manufacturer developing ,producing floor scrubber,jet hand dryer,high speed hand dryer, sterilizer and brushless motor.Has own R&D Department,insist independent developing and all spare parts produced by ourselves.our products sold to more than 60 countries and because of excellent quality has recognized by many clients .our aim is make value for clients ,become the most competitive enterprise in market .   Wenzhou Guangtai Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd.

Address: 30 Haicheng East Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Telephone: +86-577-28908111/28908222
Cell phone: 13336918008(Mr. Guan)
E-mail: master@chinahuachi.cn
Website: www.mignanobrothers.com

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